We’re living in times where all we want is comfort. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that when I received an email about a stylish and comfortable footwear line called HARMONY783 (website here), I was intrigued. I shopped the line and they had me at their giraffe loafers. I was done. Even if the shoes weren’t comfortable, I had to have those loafers because, hello, giraffe print shoes!

All kidding aside, even before the pandemic, comfortable shoes have always been priority #1 among my clients, and as a stylist and a New Yorker who has both plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia, much of my life is spent looking for shoes that are comfortable and won’t make me look like I don’t belong in the profession I am in. The more comfortable shoe options I can gather the better. While this is not a sponsored post, HARMONY783 did offer to send me a pair of shoes to try out and review, and, of course, I chose my new favorite giraffe shoes.

About HARMONY783

HARMONY783 shoes was established on the concept of grounding and the science behind it. According to the research, grounding is scientifically proven to be beneficial and restorative, reducing inflammation, stress, and pain, and lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, and increasing blood viscosity. The belief is that we need to tap into this energy regularly the way our ancestors did who walked barefoot and slept directly on the ground, continuously connecting to the earth’s natural energy. The concept continues with the idea that like a battery, we need to be re-charged to function at optimum levels and to see the earth as one enormous battery which constantly emits a subtle electrical charge and global frequencies (7.83 Hz to be exact) in the electromagnetic field spectrum. This frequency is called the Schumann resonances. We can recharge by connecting to the ground’s electric nutrition called electrons, which give the earth’s surface a negative charge. Our bodies need electrons to function the way nature intended and to reduce the buildup of free radicals.  

Understandably, nobody has time to gallivant all over the earth like a human iPhone with a 10% charge left, especially considering that grounding surfaces are considered natural ones, like the grass, soil, sand, gravel, rock, water, and concrete. No, if any of us are going barefoot, it’s on our carpet or wood floors ( both not grounding) which is why HARMONY783 created shoes that enable wearers to have this same feeling – and receive all the benefits – while walking outside when making direct contact with the ground.

Now is this sounds too woo-woo out there for you, like arthritis bracelets or those detox foot pads that went on to be debunked, HARMONY783 does cite more than 20 articles to back up their claims.

How Harmony783 Shoes are Made

All HARMONY783 styles feature fully conductive carbon and rubber outsoles that are bio-mechanically engineered for comfort and support. Their patent-pending technology, called Groundworks™, features 99.99% pure silver through the midsoles with microfiber footbeds, featured in every shoe, stitched with pure silver thread enabling the flow of natural energy up into one’s body. Their Walkers and Joggers feature bio-friendly algae-based EVA by BLOOM in the midsole. For added comfort, their shoes also have a trampoline, center of pressure heel for supportive stable walking stride

Diagram of how their joggers and walkers are made

My Review of HARMONY783 Shoes

Setting off to see a client in my giraffe printed HARMONY783 loafers

It didn’t matter what HARMONY783’s shoes were made of, the true test would be what they would be like to wear. So I decided to give them the ultimate test, I would wear them for the first time to a closet edit session with a client. These appointments typically last between two and three hours during which time I am mainly on my feet. As luck would have it, my client’s shoes-off policy kept me from being able to wear my shoes for the appointment but it actually was a good test. I had to do the appointment in bare feet on hardwood floors, which is never good for a person who has issues with their feet, and when I left, it was a nice day so I decided to walk the 1 1/2 miles back home to my apartment. My feet were already achy, I was wearing my shoes for the first time and I was going to walk a decent distance.

With the exception of getting a few blisters because I wore my Birkenstocks all summer and my feet didn’t see the inside of a pair of shoes for several months which made my skin quite soft as a result, I had no pain at all wearing my HARMONY783 loafers. The trampoline heel is quite divine and gives you this delightful supportive bounce when you walk. I didn’t notice any grounding effects simply because I don’t think that is how grounding works. The shoes definitely run small, as indicated on their site, so I suggest sizing up a 1/2 size and I’d definitely recommend these shoes. I would say it’s the comfort, not the grounding, that is the biggest draw, but if the grounding works and I get some health benefits from wearing them, I consider it an added bonus.

Outfits Featuring HARMONY783 Shoes

Using a few of the styles that HARMONY783 offers, I have put together five different looks to show how you can wear these styles.

Outfit #1


I styled this look using my favorite pair of giraffe-printed loafers. For this early fall look, I added this camel J.Crew cardigan with a slim short sleeve turtleneck sweater from Theory, vintage jeans from Madewell, a camel belt from Rag & Bone and gold hoop drop earrings.

Outfit #2


Next, HARMONY783’s grounding jogger in their versatile platinum shade. It’s a great sneaker for running around on the weekend or depending on your workplace dress code and how you style them, a pair you could wear to work. In this look, I styled them for the weekend with a pair of olive pull-on pants from Everlane, an easy sweater in barley from Eileen Fisher, a denim jacket, and a tonal scarf.

Outfit #3


Going back to my favorite loafers, I couldn’t resist using their red pair because I always love having a red pair of shoes in my closet to pop my understated look. In this outfit, I popped the loafers off this monochromatic look of black pants from Theory, a peplum cardigan from The Fold that I layered over BOSS’s crisp mock button-down shirt. I further finished the look with a link toggle necklace from Open Edit.

Outfit #4


If you wear ballerina flats solely to get from point a. to point b. or as your daylong shoe, it’s hard not to find at least one pair in a woman’s closet. The key, however, is actually finding a pair that is comfortable. Conceptually, ballerinas should be comfortable but most are too thin and flat to actually be supportive. HARMONY783 constructs their ballerina flats with the same grounding technology and trampoline heel that they do with all their other shoes.

I used these camel ballerinas to create a bit of a Laura Petrie 1960’s look using this kick-flare cropped pair of plaid pants and cozy camel sweater, both by M.M. Lafleur. I finished the look with simple hoops from Madewell.

Outfit #5


In addition to their joggers, HARMONY783 also makes walking shoes in a variety of colors and contrasting colors that are quite cute. They even offer them in my favorite giraffe print. In this look, I styled their black pair with winter white straight-leg jeans, a Pima cotton ribbed elbow-length t-shirt, and the same J.Crew cardigan I used in the first look. I finished the outfit with a horn link necklace.

If you’re looking to add more comfortable shoes to your wardrobe, HARMONY783 is definitely a brand to consider. The prices range from $38 for their flip flops to $165 for their walkers and they offer shoes for men too. My hope is that over time they will expand their selection of styles and maybe even move into boots one day. For now, I will enjoy grounding myself and enhancing my looks with my fun giraffe loafers. Shop HARMONY783 here.