Last fall, we all geared up for the longest, darkest winter in recent history. COVID was still going strong, the vaccine was only released in early December and available to just a select few. We all braced ourselves for long stretches of lonely time indoors, canceled holidays, and shortened days. The attitude among many was to just bear it and wait it out until spring.

Nobody was thinking about their wardrobes. Even I basically rotated three, cheap shapeless sweaters all winter long seeing no real reason to make much more of an effort. My life consisted of trips to the grocery store and…well, I’m not sure what else I did that didn’t involve a screen that winter.


I’m sure I’m not the only one who dialed in fall and winter clothes last year and is now staring at my closet wondering what the heck I wore last year besides a bunch of very used, dingy sweaters I never want on my body again. I have gathered a few sweater selections to shop just in time for sweater weather, well at least for some people.