Did you know that the sensation of time moving faster as you age has been studied and there are actual scientific reasons why we feel like time flies the older we get?    I bring this up because it’s hard to believe I am sharing a holiday gift guide for 2021.   I can’t believe the holidays are here…again, that we’re celebrating our second (technically 3rd) holiday with COVID as a part of our lives.  Heck, I’m still coming to terms with the fact that it has become cold enough to wear a coat.

While I took off last week for Thanksgiving and to be there for my husband after his heart procedure (he’s doing great), I started curating some holiday gift ideas just in time for Cyber Monday.  Do you have something special on your list?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Cozy Gifts

We may be feeling hopeful that some sort of normal will be resuming but that doesn’t mean we’re not tired or still craving some quiet evenings, especially now that it gets darker earlier.  For you or someone you know who might need some R&R, here are some gift ideas.


My family stopped giving me clothes for Christmas when I was a freshman in high school for obvious reasons; it was way too much pressure!  Clothing can be tough to give as a gift unless your recipient is very specific about what they want.  Your safest gift option when you don’t have a lot of info to work with is sweaters that are always sized SML… and much more forgiving in fit.

Health & Wellness

 Whether it be physical, emotional, or mental, we can all use a top-off, right?   Self-care is critical right now and it is our responsibility to make sure we are doing what we need to do to make sure we are at our best.


Shoes always struck me as an odd choice to give as a holiday gift, but as a grown-ass woman who doesn’t wait around for Santa or someone else to gift me my wants, I always have a pair or two on my wishlist.

Work-From-Home Gifts

While some people may be heading back to work, very few are working in-office exclusively and even more of us are adapting to working-from-home indefinitely.  If it’s time for you to stop using your dining room table as a makeshift office and create a more permanent home office situation, here are some gift ideas.


Jewelry is a tried and true staple gift choice that is rarely not appreciated and definitely something that will get used.  Seeing that this category needs little introduction, I will leave you to shop.


The holiday season is a great time to get your hands on a great new coat and seeing that coats typically hit the selling floor in August, it can also be a time that you can snag some pretty good deals too.

Outerwear Accessories

Don’t forget the outerwear accessories which won’t only be perfect additions to your new coat but also easy gifts for people who can be hard to shop for.  Everybody can use a new pair of gloves.

Handbags & Leathergoods

 What’s not to love about a new bag or a great leathergoods accessory?  A small leather gift, like an AirPods case, is an affordable way to give the gift of luxury and the holidays are the perfect time to splurge on that “it” bag you have been coveting for yourself.

Clothing Maintenance 

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize they need the items to maintain their clothing until they actually need them.  Instead of being caught off guard, many of these gifts can make great stocking stuffers.


Last, but certainly not least, for the beauty junkies out there, the holidays are the perfect time to stock up on your favorite perfume (my sister has been buying me my favorite Hermés perfume for Christmas for over 15 years now), check out a new-fangled beauty device or explore some new beauty products.

Enjoy The Holidays

Doing a gift guide at the start of the holiday season has always felt a bit obligatory.  It’s not normally my style to write a post where I just feature products to buy.  Not only are there enough of these types of posts out there for you to peruse, but it also dampens the spirit of the holiday season.  So, whether you are celebrating Christmas, are in the middle of your Hanukah celebration, or celebrating Kwanzaa, I hope you create a holiday season that, with or without gifts, is joyous, happy, and memorable.