This post is not sponsored nor does it contain affiliate links.  I was given Blinc Liquid Eyeliner free of charge to test out.

One of the first tasks I give my assistants when I hire them is to weed through my inbox.  It’s a thankless task because I am horrible at cleaning it.  It’s always building up and not helped by the fact that I feel like I am constantly playing ‘marketing email whack-a-mole’ because the second I unsubscribe from one, a few more crop up in my inbox.  I seriously don’t know how it’s possible considering I have no memory of ever signing up for a mailing list in my life.  Making matters worse, I get inundated with PR emails with requests from brands and PR firms asking me to feature their products all the time.  It would be one thing if these brands maybe did a little research before reaching out to me to confirm some synergy, but most times the products are so laughably disconnected to what I do if it wasn’t so irritating it would be funny. 

This is why Rachel, my assistant, reads my emails and has carte blanche unsubscribe me from mailing lists and delete most PR emails that come in.  But every once in a while a gem comes through.  This is what I am sharing with you today, Blinc Liquid Eyeliner.  Let me tell you, it’s pretty amazing.

Why Blinc Liquid Eyeliner is So Great

If you aren’t familiar with tubing technology found some mascara brands and has already been a key component in Blinc’s mascaras, then you are missing out, stop what are doing and get yourself on this bandwagon.  I’ve been using tubing mascara for over 15 years since I started using Trish McEvoy’s mascara.  The reason I started using her tubing mascara had nothing to do with the fact that it has tubing technology but because at the time they offered mascara in auburn, something incredibly hard to find.  They’ve since discontinued their auburn shade, which I still haven’t forgiven them for, but I fell in love with tubing mascara and never looked back.

What is This Tubing You Speak Of?

How tubing differs from traditional mascaras is that instead of brushing a coat of mascara onto the lashes, tubing mascaras have polymers that wrap around each individual lash in tubes for an even coat.  With tubing mascara you can create a greater lengthening effect and, best of all, tubing mascara guarantees your mascara will stay put and will not smudge or run.  Even better, when you are ready to remove it, it just washes away with water, almost like tiny flecks of rubbery pieces of polymers in the sink.  Admittedly, sometimes those rubbery flecks can be a pain to rinse out of the sink but it’s a small price to pay.

But Tubing Eyeliner?

This was my exact response when Blinc reached out to me having no idea how loyal I have been to tubing mascara for well over a decade.  In fact, over the years after Trish McEvoy did me dirty and discontinued my auburn mascara, they lost my brand loyalty and I eventually switched over to Blinc’s tubing mascara a few years ago.  Getting an email from Blinc was one of the few PR emails that I was actually interested in, yet I had a hard time fully understanding how this tubing technology would translate to eyeliner.  was, however, very intrigued by the concept and excited to give it a try.

I was told that by using the same tubing technology as their mascara their eyeliner would not smudge, flake, or fade and would stay put all day.  Well, they didn’t have to tell me twice, I was on board because even before I hit my late 40s, I have been the person who would get that eyeliner stamp across my brow bone within minutes of applying it.  Having deep-set eyes, it’s just inevitable that it will happen.  When it occurs, my strategy has been to just sort of rub the eyeliner residue on my brow bone in to make it look like eye shadow but I’d hardly call that a solution, especially considering I can only expect the problem will worsen as I age and gravity continues to have its way with my eyelids.  Blinc generously sent me a few tubes of their liquid eyeliner and even tossed a few tubes of their tubing mascara and some of their auburn eyebrow mousse.  Sadly, they don’t have their liquid eyeliner in brown yet but I’ve been assured it’s on the way.

My review of Blinc Liquid Eyeliner

I am telling you, this stuff is magic.  I don’t review many products on this blog because I just don’t believe in reviewing things unless I can really stand behind them and this eyeliner I can get behind because it will not move…at all.  Once it is in place, it will stay there until you are ready to remove it, and it will just come off with water as they claim.  I didn’t think about how nice this easy removal was until I was washing my face and realized how much it will save me from pulling and dragging at the sensitive skin around my eyes or having to use stingy eye makeup remover on my sensitive eyes and skin.  

I wore Blinc’s liquid liner while getting dental work done and used a water bottle like a stress ball. No smudge.  I wore it while getting my hair cut and colored and inevitably got sprayed a bit at the wash sink. No smudge.  I wore it to a live show Saturday night where I laughed until I cried. No freaking smudge.  Basically, every time I wore this eyeliner, my lids looked like this by the end of the day.

blinc liquid eyeliner
Blinc Liquid Eyeliner staying put after a long day of wear

And to give you an idea of how deep-set my eyes are and how much my lids can touch my brow bone, these are photos of me where you can see my eyes, my liner, how you lose all view of my lids when my eyes are wide open looking up, and, lastly, how my liner never moves, never stamps my brow bone, and never fades.  

tubing mascara
Even on deep-set eyes, Blinc Liquid Eyeliner doesn’t smudge onto the brow bone. In the photo on the bottom right, the eyeliner isn’t faded, that’s the effect of lighting. You can see my eyelashes are also washed out.

I don’t know about you, but it’s the little things that make my life simpler that add up.  If I don’t have to worry about my makeup disappearing or smudging it’s another bit of bandwidth that be applied elsewhere.  For that reason alone, I am now a devoted fan of Blinc Liquid Eyeliner.  Even if they were to never come out with a brown shade, I’d suck it up and use the black.  It’s that good.

Shop for Blinc Liquid Eyeliner here or wherever Blinc cosmetics are sold.