I have known Alex, February’s Facebook Group Member of the Month, for a long time. She is one of my earliest clients who hired me more than 16 years ago when my business was only four years old. Back then, when Alex lived in the area of Brooklyn where I do, my work spread like wildfire, first through word of mouth and then through a very popular local parenting website and other local organizations. It is without exaggeration that I say one of the reasons I am here today has much to do with the support of Alex and the other local women who didn’t just hire and refer me, but also found and created opportunities for me to reach more women. The early days of getting a business launched off the ground are nearly impossible and I can vividly recall a precarious sink-or-swim moment when Alex and other members of the community stepped up with ideas and connections to help ensure my business wouldn’t fail.

The spirit of generosity, I think, perfectly captures who Alex is. If she has a resource that might help someone she believes in succeed, she will share it, no questions asked, no strings attached, asking nothing in return. To this day, even though our work together concluded over a decade ago, if she thinks of something that can help me or thinks I might be able to help another person she cares about, she will be in touch.

It’s been a long time since I checked in with how Alex’s style has evolved so not only is this a great opportunity for me but a great opportunity for all of us, to get to know more about her wardrobe and style.

Facebook Group Member of the monthName:  Alexandra Taylor

Location: Darien, CT

Age: 55

Q: What do you like most about being a member of Bridgette’s Facebook Group? 

A: Looking at everyone’s posts and getting ideas but also feedback. It is always positive and gives me input and confidence. It has been great at work conferences where I get some last-minute reassurance. I love that I feel like I know the regular posters. It’s always great to see Susan Thomas (I aspire to her style) and Anneke Schmider lets us travel around the world with her. I also love that I have great in-person friends in the group and I get to see what they think and are doing.

Q: The biggest benefits you have received from being a Group member 

A: During Covid, it was great to have a place to connect. Share experiences and see what Bridgette was doing. I always wanted to join a knitting day but didn’t make it and loved our TV Fashion posts (Queen’s Gambit and Mrs. Mazel) It’s the community I enjoy the most. It is always positive and supportive.

Q: What would you tell women who haven’t joined The Group yet?  

A: This is a place where you can get inspired, share ideas, and find your style. You don’t have to be a fashion guru to feel like you belong and to get something out of it. I love all the tips from Bridgette and the other members and defiantly have found some new staples (Quince and MGemi, anyone?) It also reminds me to read Bridgette’s blogs. Something always hits home and makes me laugh.

Q: How would you describe your style? 

A: I would say I have to say classic with a side of preppy. For me, the hardest thing is the roles that I play in my life. I work full time but am remote or in client meetings. Transiting now to part back in person part virtual. I have 2 teenage boys and I volunteer in my community. I can do the suit and the yoga pants it’s all the in-between I struggle with.

Facebook Group member of the monthQ: How did you discover your style?  

A: I grew up in the 80s but always was on the preppy side with a dash of Europe. My mom is Swiss so we always had influences from there. I worked at the Limited all through college so about 100% of my clothes came from there and lived in Switzerland for a year which was a little more formal. I was never super trendy.

Q: What advice do you have for others trying to find their style?  

A: Make sure you are in clothes you feel comfortable and confident in but don’t be afraid to try new things. You don’t have to add them all at once or take on everything. Remember to add a pop of color and play with accessories.

Q: What fashion issues are you currently struggling with? 

A: As I described in my many roles finding what to wear and when. Also, I’m not happy with my weight so things don’t fit the way I like. I feel like I’m pulling the same 3 things for meetings. I need to shop/organize my closet to get a better picture.

Q: What are the most versatile items you have in your closet? 

A: Leather jacket, cashmere shawls, and vests. (Can you tell I get cold?).

Q: If you could go back and change the way you dressed in the past, what would you change?  

A: I wish I experimented more and tried some more trendy fashion when I was younger.

Q: Is there a fashion purchase you made that you found more useful than you thought it would be?  

A: Investment pieces.
I bought an expensive pair of black suede boots and was worried they cost so much. I wore them with everything for 15 years. The black Leather jacket I bought a few years ago is now a staple for all types of events

facebook group member of the monthQ: What about a fashion purchase that you thought would solve all your problems, but didn’t?

A: I bought a silk top that was a lot more then I would usually pay. It never fit right and the color didn’t really work. I should have said, “where are you going in that?” I just moved it around my closet for years.

Q: How do you envision yourself when you look your best?  

A: Classic with some inspiration.

Q: What are your biggest fashion goals for the year?  

A: To feel more put together, to get out of yoga pants and figure out my new world of virtual work, in-person meetings and travel, and everyday life of meeting friends and running around town.

Q: What is the best fashion advice you ever received? 

A: All the Bridgette (isms) I was fortunate enough to hire Bridgette 16+ years ago. I still hear her in my head when I fall into bad habits. I love all of them but adding a 3rd color and a new accessory is an easy way to feel more put together. Try every pair of pants in the store. It’s not you it’s the pants. I will always remember Bridgette bringing an entire rack of pants into the dressing room. If it didn’t work move on to the next.

Q: The first thing you take off when you get home? 

A: Shoes. Partly from living in Brooklyn for so long. Who wants all the NYC subway dirt and partially bad feet for all those years walking around NYC?

Q: Favorite color(s) to wear 

A: My colors have changed in the last 5 years when I went to my natural color. More of a steel gray, So I like more blues, and magenta now. I always loved my pinks but could wear more browns.

Q: Favorite stores to shop? 

I’m not a great shopper but we have a local store called Everything is Rosey. They have lots of dresses that seem to work for me in every season and the store manager is excellent in helping you find what you need for the occasion.

facebook group member of the monthQ: What makes you happiest? 

A: Sitting on the beach with a book. Traveling with my husband and boys. Volunteering with Friends.

Q: What inspires you? 

A: People who give back to others.

Q: Use One Word to Describe Your Style

A: Simple

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