My Facebook Group has been around for a few years now and what has come as a result has been the familiarity that has been formed among members and myself.  We very much feel like we know each other without really knowing one another.

A casual scroll through the group’s feed can tell you so much.  Who just moved?  Who’s in the middle of a style crisis?  Who made a bold move with their wardrobe choices?  Who’s struggling with a weight-related style crisis?  And so on.  You actually get invested and interested in the people behind the photo because you’ve been a bystander the whole time.  I thought about how this happened within the group when I took notice of Kait Waters’, our April Facebook Group Member of the Month, new haircut.

As with many Group members, I have watched Kait’s style evolve and come into its own.  When I scroll back to her early posts and compare them to now, it has been pretty transformative.  And that is the beauty of the community, you get to take a very realistic with another person who is likely on a very relatable journey.

I don’t know Kait that well, so featuring her as our Facebook Group Member of the Month stokes my curiosity as I am sure it will yours too.  Let’s get to know more about her and her style, shall we?

facebook group member of the monthName: Kait Waters

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Age: 34

Q: What do you like most about being a member of Bridgette’s Facebook Group? 

A: Bridgette’s Facebook group is such a diverse community! A wide range of ages, income levels, and daily activities (for instance retirees vs European business leaders!) are represented. The result is a collective with wise advice, a range of experiences, and a plethora of opportunities to gain inspiration for my own fashion journey. Best of all, I feel as though we all truly care about one another and it’s a supportive & kind corner of the Internet!

Q: The biggest benefits you have received from being a Group member 

A: I’ve received absolutely valuable feedback as a Group member directly, both from fellow members as well as Bridgette herself! For instance, a good few people weighed in on a coat I was debating selling vs tailoring. I was given far more to think about than I’d initially considered (for instance, had I tried on layers underneath it first?) and the group also helped me think of my overall aesthetic aspirations and how the garment did (or did not!) fit into my goals. It’s such a collaborative space!

Q: What would you tell women who haven’t joined The Group yet?  

A: It’s absolutely fascinating to see real-life examples of women discussing and implementing Bridgette’s advice into their daily wardrobes. Even by the sheer power of observation, the group provides value to my daily life, much less the connections I’ve made and advice I’ve directly received. You’ll get to know regular contributors and it’s such a joy to follow along their personal journeys!

facebook Group member of the monthQ: How would you describe your style? 

A: Ah, well, that’s a bit tricky! I aim for classic, well-tailored pieces with an alternative “edge”. I prefer neutrals and aim for my wardrobe to be quite interchangeable. I hope to embody a combination of elegance and ease.

Q: How did you discover your style?  

A: I strive to live my life in a way that authentically represents both my true and “ideal” selves. That reflection comes from the inside out! I had a wardrobe full of good pieces that had no practical application to my daily life. I work from home in the tech startup sector – where am I ever going to wear a sundress with a matching blazer? When I considered who I wanted to be, inside and out, I was able to shift my focus from impractical (if lovely!) pieces to relevant challenges such as, “how can I elevate my on-camera graphic t-shirt style?”

Q: What advice do you have for others trying to find their style?  

A: Throw away “should” and instead assess what your life truly IS! Understand yourself, flaws and all, and align your wardrobe with intention towards practical reality with the goal of refining and elevating your daily life. I’ve also had great success trying to identify patterns in the content I save and like on social platforms, especially Pinterest.

Q: What fashion issues are you currently struggling with? 

A: I have a lot to contend with when it comes to fashion at the moment! I’ve moved to a drastically different climate (from the Southwestern desert to Philadelphia on the mid-Eastern coast) and I need to sort out how to dress both in layers and for seasons. I’ve also lost a considerable amount of weight this last half-decade and I’m shifting from hiding my shape to attempting to embrace it.

Q: What are the most versatile items you have in your closet? 

A: A good-quality knit t-shirt is invaluable. It can go with a midi skirt and be mildly fancy or can easily pair with denim and statement shoes for a more casual look. I’m also a huge fan of my combat boots (the Ari style by Alegria) as they work well with denim and dresses.

Q: If you could go back and change the way you dressed in the past, what would you change?  

A: If I could go back I think I’d do away with the idea of “too fancy”. It feels better for me to get properly dressed each day and present a put-together appearance. I’ve spent far too many a day in yoga tights and a T-shirt!

facebook group of the monthQ: Is there a fashion purchase you made that you found more useful than you thought it would be?  

A: I think it may be time to replace it, but my Longchamp Neo Pliage black nylon handbag has done absolute yeoman’s work for more years than I care to count! It’s not overly fancy, but it feels suitable for most settings, it is easy to travel with, and I can fit an incredible amount of shopping in it whilst I’m out and about traveling.

Q: What about a fashion purchase that you thought would solve all your problems, but didn’t?

A: Ah, the saga of the cobalt blue wool jacket! I bought it ahead of a planned international trip which was canceled do to the pandemic. I thought it was the ultimate statement piece but not only have I never worn it, but now it doesn’t fit, and it also isn’t nearly as versatile a color in my wardrobe as I’d expected.

Q: How do you envision yourself when you look your best?  

A: I like myself best in casual denim, a black boat-neck three-quarter-length knit t-shirt, and Superga canvas sneakers. Combined with delicate jewelry it feels unfussy and flattering in a way that gives me the confidence to get out & live life to the fullest!

Q: What are your biggest fashion goals for the year?  

A: I’d like to embrace my shape, as I have tended to feel rather “frumpy” quite often. I also would like to collect all of the lightweight wool pieces I can snap up in anticipation of next winter!

Q: What is the best fashion advice you ever received? 

A: Dress for who you are, not who you think you should be, or wish you could be.

Q: The first thing you take off when you get home? 

A: My shoes! I don’t like tracking in the “outside” of my home.

Q: Favorite color(s) to wear 

A: Black, and more black. I’ve found it’s not entirely flattering next to my face, however (I’m quite pale!), so I am leaning more towards white, ivory, and tan tops.

Q: Favorite stores to shop? 

A: Despite my interest in fashion I’m not all that adventurous! I’ve bought a lot at Everlane and Quince recently. I rely on FitFlop sneakers (the “Rally” style) and Alegria for shoes as I suffer from plantar fasciitis. I tend to shop on ThredUp as it’s the easiest way to find pieces in the materials I prefer (natural fibers) at prices I can afford.

Q: What makes you happiest? 

A: Hmmm, bread? 🙂 This is an interesting question! Despite the fashion focus of this feature I think, for me, style and fashion are best served as a “background” for life. I like to look nice and feel good so that I can go about my days (mostly work, and I enjoy activities like reading quietly with my pets, vintage shopping, and farmer’s markets) with confidence. This especially comes into play when I travel (one of my favorite hobbies!). I like to be able to pack a suitcase and know that things will be appropriate for the location, weather, and activities without fuss.

facebook group member of the monthQ: What inspires you? 

A: Oh, everything! Vintage fabrics, stylishly dressed women in the street, Facebook marketplace furniture, music, nature… It all serves as input to me!

Q: Use One Word to Describe Your Style

A: Black (but not an accident!)

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