This will be my last blog post until I return from the New Year on the week of January 8th.  We always shutter the blog over the holidays but usually stay open for clients throughout.  This year, however, it will be a little different. Our office will be closed on December 29th and will reopen on January 8th.  I am going away on vacation to Roatan from December 30th to January 6th to celebrate my 50th birthday on the 5th.  Roatan is a gorgeous little island that is part of Honduras.  My husband and I will be staying at this lovely and intimate boutique hotel right on the water.  Having a January birthday, the only place I wanted to spend my 50th birthday was the water only a few steps from my front door.  

With the holiday season right around the corner, I thought my last post would feature a variety of gift ideas for $50 or less with. more universal appeal.  Shopping for gifts often extends beyond immediate family and it’s often these gifts that can be tricky to navigate.  Think about gifts for co-workers, assistants, clients, friends in your book club, or even the small gestures you buy for your friends. In today’s post, we’re sharing some ideas to consider.


When selecting holiday gift ideas for co-workers, assistants, or people you only know relatively well, like for a Secret Santa, let’s say, if you know the person decently well, it might be easier to figure out a gift they might appreciate, however, erring on the side of caution might be helpful.  The gift you give should not leave any open questions about the intention.  Thinking more broadly and generally is the way to go.  Examples of this could be items that bring stress relief or promote relaxation because, after all, everyone has some degree of stress.  If you don’t know a person well, alcohol should always be avoided because you may not know their current relationship with this beverage, and if someone is your subordinate, you want to avoid a gift that could be misconstrued wrongly. I’d also suggest not giving desk decor because if your recipient doesn’t like it, they may feel obligated to use your gift.  Even when personalizing gifts for those you know relatively well, keep it light and more universally appealing.  A tea lover may love trying out some gourmet teas but may find the teapot you assume they will like not to their taste and more of a burden.  

Many families are also pulling back on excessive gift-giving in favor of a Secret Santa approach because I think we’ve hit a point in society where people just don’t want to be burdened with the effort and expense of buying gifts for everyone.  This was something we decided to do in my family because what we started to realize was that we each told family members what we wanted and as the majority of us are adults and college-aged kids, it started to seem silly to do this.  It just felt pointless because we’re all in positions to buy what we want on our own.  We changed it up, drew names, came up with a budget limit, and now the excitement is back.  The gifts we are featuring may also work for families exchanging gifts in this manner. 

Here are our picks.



Our online shop is a great place for fun gifts that have great universal appeal.  In addition to our most famous sayings and quotes, we also have our Badass Women’s Collection and some items in fun and quirky patterns.  Our tees are beefy and well printed, our zipper pouches can be used for a variety of needs, our printed totes are fun and practical, and you can’t miss out on our Stylish Bridgetteisms coasters and mugs, all under $50. These are just a few of the things you will find in our shop.

Because our products are printed on demand, we cannot guarantee they will arrive by Christmas, but for those recipients you plan on seeing after Christmas, our picks are perfect.


Here are some more gift ideas from other popular retailers.


As I take my leave for the holidays, I want to thank you for your readership and for following along with my tips and stories throughout the year.  I will see you in 2024.