Even though we’ve resumed a normal post-pandemic life, the five-day in-office work week went by way of COVID. Few people are in-office all the time, or at all, with most people engaging with co-workers and clients from the comfort of their laptops which means we still only need to concern ourselves with the top third of our appearances. At the same time, now that we have moved well past COVID, we’re also out in the world doing things vs. being shuttered away and living endless days in comfortable joggers. The beauty of working from home is it offers flexibility in how we operate our days and we want that day-to-day flexibility in what we wear while also wanting to look professional and appropriate for work. Today, I am going to talk about creating these looks with shorts.


Shorts are a hot-button topic. Some women hate them so much, they’d rather wear pants made of razor blades. I’m not asking you to change your mind or to start wearing shorts this summer. If you are a no-go on shorts, swap out the looks I’ve created below with pants of your choosing. The point of today’s post is to help you create outfits using shorts that will work for a hot summer day of working from home and are also appropriate for being on camera for work.



Nobody will see that you paired this cotton printed pintuck pleated top with a pair of white utility shorts from J.Crew and sneakers from Quince. All that will be shown on camera is a nice printed top that has been styled with a pair of lavender earrings from Machete. Best of all, you can step out the door to run errands or get lunch and the top won’t look out of place.


Stylish collared looks are popular for casual as well as professional so they won’t look out of place on camera in a meeting or while you are out and about during your downtime on a workday. I styled this red and white striped cotton button-up shirt from J.Crew with navy linen shorts from Alex Mill. I finished the look with flat sandals from Margaux, a pendant necklace from Tory Burch, stud earrings, and a belt from Anthropologie.


This outfit is camera-ready and works well for both work and casual wear. I paired a Breton shirt from Saint James with a 3/4-sleeved cardigan from Banana Republic. I added a pop of color with these belted shorts from Boden and finished the look with white Birkenstocks.


I love wearing a button-up shirt in lieu of a cardigan, which I wrote about last summer, and while this outfit looks super casual, if you look at it from the top third only, all that will show on camera is a tank with a button-up shirt, like this one from Frank & Eileen, layered on top. Nobody will see the striped casual elastic shorts from Veronica Beard or the super casual lime green sandals from Fit Flop. For professional appearances, I added these link earrings from AllSaints.


This open, airy top from Rails will read professional on camera while also pairing perfectly with shorts, as I styled here with this pair from Everlane. I finished the outfit with orange sandals from M.Gemi and a pair of hoops from FARIS.


I hope this post has given you some ideas for creating professional-looking outfits for working from home this summer. What is your staple look for working from home this summer? Leave a comment below.