Need a little extra style help?

Exclusive only to Facebook Group members, this one hour style session is perfect for someone looking to get some extra personalized feedback from Bridgette Raes.  It's a mini, but mighty, first step.  Plus, it's affordable!

Book a Mini One Hour Style Sesh for ONLY $100.  That's right, 100 Bucks!

Don't Miss Out!!!  Mini Sesh Sessions Purchased are Eligible for Use One Year from Purchase Date.

What's Included in Your Mini Sesh

  • Lifestyle and Personal Style Analysis

    Upon purchase of your Mini Sesh, you will receive a Confirmation of Services email detailing what you need to do to get started.

  • Wardrobe Analysis

    Because I can’t actually visit your closet, you’ll be snapping photos (10 maximum for a mini sesh) of your current wardrobe and clothing issues you would like me to help you solve.  These will be posted to a shared space.  I also welcome and inspirational style photos you might want to share with me.

  • Review

    Once everything is ready, you and I will have a one hour, over the phone, appointment to review and cover any questions you might have.

Ready to get started?

Upon purchase, a Confirmation of Services will be emailed to you directly.

The Difference between a Mini Sesh and a Classic Virtual Style Session

  • Shopping Suggestions Not Included

    During a Classic Virtual Style Session, Bridgette uses an hour to review and shop for items that can complete a wardrobe.  A Mini Sesh will not include shopping suggestions.  However, Bridgette will be able to give you general recommendations during this session.

  • Unlimited Wardrobe Photos

    In a Classic Virtual Style Session, Bridgette welcomes clients to share unlimited wardrobe photos.  For the Mini Sesh, photos are limited to ten outfits/items to review.

  • Follow Up

    Bridgette always welcomes Classic Virtual Clients to touch base after sessions with quick questions or for a quick outfit review.  She has even advised clients while they were shopping in a dressing room.  In a Mini Sesh, these options aren’t available.

    If you are interested in a Virtual Style Session, instead of a Mini Sesh, reach out to Bridgette directly for more information.

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