Are Your Sales Associates Stylist Certified?

50% of customers are looking for expert advice on what to buy when they enter a store and 73% say product knowledge is what they need most from a sales associate.  Training sales associates in personal styling allows your associates to knowledgeably make individualized recommendations to customers.

Further benefits include:

  • Arms sales associates with knowledge and expertise in styling
  • Gives customers the confidence they are making the right wardrobe selections
  • Empowers sales associates
  • Builds trust between sales associates and customers
  • Increases sales

Certifying your associates in styling will equip them with all they need in order to style, make informed and personalized selections and build trust with customers.  In addition, this training will help increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Included in The One-Day Stylist Certification Training

  • Body Characteristics

    Associates will learn how to balance 22 different body characteristics of a woman’s body.

  • Body Shape

    Associates will learn how to properly dress different body shapes and sizes.

  • Facial Characteristics

    Associates will learn how face shape determines things like neckline selection, jewelry choices, prints, textures, and more.

  • Color Theory

    Associates will develop a working knowledge of color theory and how to use color in styling.

  • Accessorizing

    Associates will learn how to accessorize and how to use it in styling and selling.

  • Fabric Knowledge

    Associates will develop a basic understanding of fabric knowledge, proper care and storage.

  • Outfit Styling

    Associates will learn how to style outfits, build wardrobe capsules, and create looks.

  • Customer Style Profiling

    Associates will learn how to identify a customer’s style and how to build looks based on their individual style preferences.

Don't see the training you want?  Customized training modules available.