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Bridgette Raes Radio Show Bridgette Raes’ weekly radio show “Where Are You Going In That?” brings you weekly discussions on the topics of fashion, personal style, shopping and living your best life.

Shows have included everything from lighthearted topics like how to find stylish, comfortable shoes, getting rid of pesky stains, fashion trends and how to look expensive on a budget.  In addition, Bridgette has tackled more provocative subjects like a realistic look at plus-size fashion, understanding hoarding with Dr. Robin Zasio and Cory Chalmers from A&E’s “Hoarders”, shopping addiction with Dr. David Tolin from Oxygen’s “My Shopping Addiction”plastic surgery and men who wear pantyhose.

Bridgette has also welcomed notable guests including:

Notable Brands that have appeared on the show have included:

Currently, the “Where Are You Going in That?” is on hiatus, but listen below for past episodes on demand, or visit Bridgette’s show page on BlogTalkRadio.  You can also listen to the show on-the-go using Stitcher Smart Radio.

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