Who are you?  What do you want to express to the world?  How could your image and style be holding you back?  These are all questions Bridgette will explore with you, and more.  Bridgette believes in a holistic approach to styling and it is her goal that clients learn to use their personal style as a tool for greater self-expression, professional development, confidence, and success.

One of the biggest ways we are perceived by others is through non-verbal communication, which includes our image.  Bridgette believes it is self-perception, not how we are perceived by others, that is most important.  When you shift your image in a way that gives off the message you want to express to others, it naturally and more powerfully expresses it. 

When you change, things change.

Bridgette has developed and uses a five-pronged approach to style development:


Through a close examination of your lifestyle, Bridgette will help craft a style fitting for the life you lead.

Personal Style

Personal style isn’t just about clothing, it is a deep look at what is inside and what makes you tick.  Bridgette will help you identify, explore, and develop your own personal style by going beneath just what you are wearing.

Physical Characteristics

No two humans are built exactly the same.  Bridgette will take not only take your physical characteristics into consideration when selecting wardrobe items, but she will also give you strategic direction to help you better understand how to dress your own body, and why some silhouettes look better than others.  Bridgette won’t just look at the physical characteristics of your body, she will also diagnose and give direction on the best choices for clothing and accessories for your facial characteristics and help you choose styles that flatter you to ensure you are wearing your clothing vs. your clothing wearing you.


Goals give you a future to live into.  In order to create a style that will get you where you want to go, Bridgette will work with you to craft an image and style that will help you confidently accomplish your goals and walk with confidence towards wherever you are going next.


Bridgette works with all budgets and will always make selections fitting to your budget specifications.

In-Person & virtual Services

Whether you are in the New York area or halfway around the world, Bridgette is available for in-person and virtual consultation and works exclusively with women and those who identify as such.

At this time, due to Bridgette’s demand and schedule, In-person styling services are only offered in rare situations and in limited geographic locations.  To answer any questions or concerns about working virtually, either visit our FAQ’s or contact us directly here.

Wardrobe Review

A wardrobe review, either in-person or virtually is designed to develop the baseline or starting point that helps determine how Bridgette will help you get your wardrobe where you want it to go.  Bridgette will work with you to strategize a game plan for moving forward, through a lifestyle and personal style assessment prior to this session and will dive deep with you to better understand not just your style but who you are.


Confused about shopping? Bridgette will help you choose the best stores for your style and budget, and will help you fill missing wardrobe needs.   When working virtually, Bridgette will present you with a curated grouping of shopping selections specified to your the needs and strategies discussed during your wardrobe review.  Included will be a shopping directory to make shopping easier, and product call-outs, all in an easy presentation from which you can directly shop.  


For in-person sessions, Bridgette will pre-shop the stores prior to the appointment and chooses the stores and selections based on the agreed strategy, budget, and direction discussed during your wardrobe review.  She will have a room reserved and a rack of clothing pulled and all you will have to do is show up for your appointment.  These shopping sessions tend to last two to three hours, not including Bridgette’s pre-shopping time, which is time Bridgette does charge for.  Depending on your needs, pre-shopping can take anywhere from one to two hours per appointment.


Outfit Styling

Shopping for items is only half of the solution.  How do you maximize your purchases once you get them home?

For clients who commit to a long-term working relationship with us, we have the capacity to digitize and inventory your entire wardrobe, both new and old, and create a live, online working inventory of your wardrobe that we can use to build looks, capsules, and continue to and manage your wardrobe on an ongoing basis.  You will have the ability to view these changes in real-time in your client-accessible space.

In-person clients can book a powerful outfit styling session that will show them how to create looks, get more out of your wardrobe, really hone in on future shopping needs, and get more value from what you buy.  Clients who work in person with Bridgette also have the same access to the online tools that Bridgette offers to her virtual clients.

Go Behind the Scenes with Bridgette Raes

Check out some of Bridgette’s style sessions with clients.

Bridgette is remarkably perceptive.  All out work has been remote, yet she immediately understood my style and personality and has helped me bring more clarity and utility to my wardrobe.

Ann Smith

Arlington, Virginia

 What sets Bridgette apart is her extensive knowledge of fashion, style, color, image, and how to make all the above work for you. I’m thankful that after our phone calls, emails, and video session, I had a clear understanding of what colors and styles fit me best.

Renee Mathis

Houston, Texas

Additional Services

  • Special Event Styling
  • Travel Wardrobe Planning
  • Speaking & Media Styling
  • Don’t see a styling concern?  Just ask!

When Bridgette helped me, I feel like I was able to get a little piece of myself back.

Amy Allen

Bridgeport, West Virginia

 I look like the person I am.   I am forever thankful for all that you have done for me.

Corry B

New York, New York

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