In-Person Styling Services

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In-person styling services include:

Personal Styling Services

Closet Editing: During a closet edit, Bridgette will go through your wardrobe and give recommendations of how to achieve a balanced wardrobe.

Personal Shopping: Confused about shopping? Bridgette will help you navigate the stores by going shopping with you. Personal shopping will help you fill missing wardrobe needs and create the wardrobe you’ve always dreamed about.

Outfit Creation Sessions: Bridgette will help you shop in your closet, create looks using what is in your wardrobe (both new & old) and photograph you wearing these looks. Complimentary photos of your looks is included.  This service is best used after a shopping session, either with Bridgette or by yourself.

Name your style breakdown and Bridgette can help you solve it.  Have a problem?  Just ask.




I am just a regular, everyday woman.  It seems ridiculous to actually hire someone.  Aren’t stylists for celebrities and rich people?

While celebrities and rich people do hire personal stylists, it’s becoming more commonplace for all women to get wardrobe and style help.

Is working with Bridgette a budget buster?  Can I really afford to hire her?

With nearly 15 years of experience as a stylist, Bridgette certainly isn’t cheap.  However, many clients say the investment pays for itself and they actually wind up saving money  because they have learned how to make better wardrobe decisions and to buy clothes they will actually wear.  Don’t get intimidated by Bridgette’s experience.  She tries to work with all budgets.

How does Bridgette charge?

Bridgette charges in two ways, by the hour and on retainer.  Typically, clients booking several services and/or working seasonally find the retainer rate to work best.  She would be happy to discuss the best option for your needs.

What can I expect from my experience working with a stylist?

We can’t tell you what type of experience you will have with all personal stylists; each one works differently.  However, we can tell you that Bridgette brings her years of experience and know-how packaged in a warm, compassionate, fun and supportive manner.

What happens during a closet edit?

Not only will Bridgette help you clarify your wardrobe and get rid of clothing that no longer suits you, this time will be used to help Bridgette assess your clothing and accessories needs going forward along with the the holes that need to be filled.  Bridgette will also give you tips on how to better manage your wardrobe, tips for storage, and more.

What happens when I shop with Bridgette?

Prepare for shopping to no longer be a drudgery!  Bridgette will have already pulled your clothing and accessories options prior to your session.  She selects clothing based on your lifestyle, personal style, goals and, most importantly, budget.  Basically, all you will have to do is show up, get undressed, and try things on.

An outfit session sounds interesting.  What can I expect?

This session usually happens after a shopping trip.  Bridgette will visit your home and help you put outfits together by shopping with you in your closet.  She will also photograph your outfits for your reference.  This time will also be used to identify any specific wardrobe needs that might be missing.  Take a look at some behind-the-scenes outfit sessions with clients of Bridgette’s.

Can I hire Bridgette for special events or for style services not listed?

Absolutely!  Bridgette frequently works with women in the public eye and has helped clients prepare for speaking events, television appearances, and more.  In addition, Bridgette has assisted clients in choosing their wedding gowns and special event looks.  If you have a style problem, Bridgette would be happy to see if she can help you solve it.

Does Bridgette make a commission from a store when I shop with her?

Absolutely not!  Some stylists may accept a commission, but Bridgette feels it is a conflict of interest.  She never wants there to be a question about who she is advocating for, the client or the store.  Bridgette does not accept a dime in commissions from any retailer.

Does Bridgette work with men?

At this time, no.  She has made some special exceptions for husbands and partners of her female clients (and sometimes her husband), but Bridgette’s reason for starting this business was to empower women and this continues to be her focus.

Does Bridgette work weekends? 

Yes.  Bridgette does see clients on Saturdays, not Sundays.  She also is available for appointments Tuesdays-Fridays.

Does Bridgette do red carpet styling or work with celebrities?

Yes and no.  While she would be open to this type of work, the entertainment industry isn’t her area of focus or interest.   However, she does work with high-level professional women who are well known or have a public image, bestselling authors, public speakers, entrepreneurs and women in government and politics.

Can I keep my work with Bridgette confidential?

Of course!  Bridgette has a very strict privacy policy and does not publicly share any information about her clients without permission.  Even when permission is granted, it is done with respect and without revealing identity.

Does Bridgette travel?

Bridgette loves to travel and she would be happy to discuss coming to see you.  Travel fees apply in addition to style services.  You can also check out Bridgette’s virtual style services as an alternative.

Still looking for more information?  Check out Bridgette’s blog post on what to expect when you hire a personal stylist.

Ready to chat with Bridgette Raes?

The best way to find out about the right in-person styling services for you is to chat with Bridgette directly.  During this time, she will listen to your current wardrobe concerns, frustrations and struggles and work with you to develop a plan on action.

Contact her for a complimentary 30 Minute Image & Style Assessment using the form below.