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Bridgette Raes NYC Stylist
Photo Credit: Gaston Olsen

“Bridgette is charismatic, stylish, feisty, passionate, one of a kind – and then some!” Karen Salmansohn, Best Selling Author

“Watch out Wall Street! Since working with Bridgette, I have tripled my sales and don’t plan on stopping there!”
Stacy Francis- New York, NY

“You are the most “instructive” of all the fashion advisors I know!”  Deb Durham, Spokespersons Plus Network, Spokespersons.com

“I was promoted at work with a great new position,  received a raise, a decent bonus and as a senior person in my company told me “your star is ascending.”  The best decision I made in 2011 was to hire Bridgette Raes Style Group to take my inner confidence and expose it externally.   I look like the person I am.   I am forever thankful for all that you have done for me.  Personally, I have also enjoyed all my moments with you.  Your impact is with me every day…  I feel great looking great.  People do notice.” Corry B., NYC

“Bridgette is stellar in all regards. I could not be happier with her or with the excellent services she provides.”
Kristin Mathews, NY

“Bridgette Raes has a great style and color sense and can explain it in simple terms to anyone. She did a clothes closet edit for me that was fun and painless. She is smart, funny, professional and “gets it.” Every woman needs this service at least once a year!”
Julie Jansen, Best Selling Author

“Hiring Bridgette Raes was one of the best business decisions I made.”
Marcela Landres, Brooklyn, NY

“I was thinking about you while I got dressed this morning, and thought I’d send you a quick note. I was concerned when I hired you that perhaps it wasn’t a smart expense – to pay someone for advice about clothing/shopping when I read such advice all the time. But today I looked in my closet and realized that it is smaller than ever, and I have never had such an easy time getting dressed and feeling good about what I end up wearing. I’m pickier than ever about what I buy, but I’m spending less and buying things I perhaps wouldn’t have before – things that end up being my go-to outfit completing pieces”

Lesley Watson, Atlanta GA

“I owe all my success to Bridgette Raes”
Holly Helt, London, England

“I know that all you want is for the real ME to step forward and up front and be FULLY SELF EXPRESSED in every way.”
Dvora Cohen- Kingston, New York

“People have remarked that I “glow” and look far more confident and radiant that I ever have.”
Jessica Lerner-Ridgefield, CT

As a writing teacher, one of my joys is being able to coach a student through the writing process. Most of the time the raw material is in place; it’s simply a matter of editing and polishing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone do that for each of us when it comes to our wardrobe? What if there were such a thing as an editor for clothes? Guess what – there is!

“Why hire a stylist? Most of us don’t flinch at paying for someone else to cut and color our hair. These days we enjoy the pampering that comes with a regular manicure. We’ll also gladly put ourselves in the capable hands of a master chef when it comes to a 4 star meal. But paying a stylist? Isn’t that, well, a little bit extravagant? Isn’t that something only for the red-carpet Hollywood crowd?
No, and it’s about time the rest of us were in on the secret. What’s extravagant is buying clothes that we don’t wear, that don’t flatter us, and that don’t make us feel capable and confident. What’s wasteful is an overcrowded closet that sucks the life and energy from our mornings when we should be preparing to take on the world.

Lately it seems that anyone with a camera phone and a website can call themselves a “fashion blogger.” What sets Bridgette apart is her extensive knowledge of fashion, style, color, image, and  how to make all the above work for you. I’m thankful that after our phone calls, emails and video session, I had a clear understanding of what colors and styles fit me best. Bridgette worked with the items I already owned and helped me see what to keep and what to toss. She has a cheerful friendly grace about her that makes her a pleasure to work with. After our sessions I shopped with confidence and proceeded to use my newfound skills to work on my own closet.

If you care about your wardrobe, your image, and your time, I can’t recommend Bridgette highly enough!” Renee Mathis- Houston, Texas

“I could not have continued with this transformation had it not been for Bridgette. She has a strong knowledge of fashion plus she is committed to bringing out the best in her clients.”
Jeanmarie O’Neil- Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

“At first, I was a bit hesitant to give you all a call. I had always kind of prided myself on not caring too much about fashion so this was a bit of a leap, and I was intimidated! Upon opening the door, my fears were gone because not only are you guys awesome at what you do, but you are wonderful people. You put the whole thing into perspective for me and gave me the confidence to go for it.””
Noreen Cornoni, New York, NY

“As far as ‘style gurus’–you’re the only one I know who isn’t completely ‘self-appointed’, who actually has credentials and makes their living at it. And guess what? You’re the only one who isn’t a self-righteous snob about it!” ”
Wendy Dackson, East Aurora, NY

“I wanted to get something for my wife for the holidays that was different as well as something utilitarian. My wife gave birth in the Summer of 2010 and she felt that she needed to improve her wardrobe. I had come to find Bridgette as someone who could help me with this matter. Bridgette did an amazing job!!! My wife has had the time of her life going through all the necessary steps with Bridgette’s guidance. I would recommend Bridgette to anyone that is looking for advice on all fronts regarding style. My wife is now happier than ever and has an entire new wardrobe that was put together by Bridgette and her group. Thank you so much Bridgette! Your hard work and expert knowledge is unbelievably appreciated. ”
Mike Sandberg, Briarcliff Manor, NY

“Bridgette is amazingly talented. Her book is well-written and very helpful. She’s a delightful person and a delight to work with. I recommend her to everyone! ”
Lisa Umberger, Boca Grande Island, Fl

“My wardrobe was in desperate need of help and she came to my rescue. Being the publisher of a magazine about saving money, I appreciated that Bridgette evaluated what I already had in my closet before recommending anything new. She also took into account my personality and lifestyle.” ”
Melissa Tosetti, Publisher Budget Savvy Magazine, Redwood City, CA