Do You Need a Personal Style Makeover?

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“Only when we start from within and dress with an awareness of our true selves, is it possible that what we put in our closets and on our bodies will create a style that we love, and also expresses who we are.” – Bridgette Raes

Personal Styling Services The difference between those who call for personal style help and those who don’t is found in the fact people who call have been able to identify that their lack of skill, confidence and/or understanding about their style and wardrobe has started to effect particular areas of their lives in a negative manner.  Through working with Bridgette, these are no longer problems they struggle with.

Those who don’t call often get turned off by the expense involved in working with someone in this capacity.  Yes, it is a bit costly to hire someone to help you with your wardrobe, and, on the surface, it may seem frivolous.  However, cost involved in NOT working on your personal style will cost you much more…much, much more.


Well, go take a walk into your closet and:

  • Figure out how much money you’ve wasted buying things you don’t wear.
  • Think about the panic you feel in the morning while trying to get dressed?
  • Reflect on how many opportunities have there been where you have been overlooked or misjudged?
  • Calculate how much time is wasted worrying about what you’ll wear…time that can used more effectively doing more important things.
  • Take time to remember your last shopping trip and how frustrating, unfruitful, confusing and overwhelming it was.

Yes, hiring someone to help you with your style is an investment, but not nearly as costly as not addressing it can be.

In the end, working with Bridgette:

  • will save you time
  • will save you money, and
  • will save you angst.

 For More Information:

For more detailed information about these services, check out Bridgette’s styling services.  If you’re not in the NYC area, Bridgette is available for virtual consultations.

Contact Bridgette for a complimentary 30 minute Image & Style Assessment to help you choose the most suitable personal style services for your needs, lifestyle and budget.