Styling Services
I don’t lead much of a glamorous life. It seems ridiculous to actually hire someone. Aren’t stylists for celebrities and rich people?

While celebrities and rich people do hire personal stylists, it’s becoming more commonplace for all women to get wardrobe and style help.  Since the inception of her business, Bridgette has chosen not to work with celebrities and has spent 21 years working with women just like you.

What can I expect from my experience working with a stylist?

We can’t tell you what type of experience you will have with all personal stylists; each one works differently.  However, we can tell you that Bridgette brings her 19 years of experience and know-how packaged in a warm, compassionate, fun, and supportive manner.  You can check out our testimonials page to hear what Bridgette’s clients have said about their experiences.

What Makes Bridgette Different from All the Other Personal Stylists Out There?

Bridgette, who holds a degree in fashion design from one of the top-rated schools worldwide for this area of study, The Fashion Institute of Technology,  worked as a fashion designer for ten years,  started her business in 2002 when the term ‘personal stylist’ didn’t exist yet and this type business was still basically unheard of.

Bridgette — who in addition studied image consulting at F.I.T.’s  School of Professional Studies in 2002 — took parts of what she learned from that established industry, married them with her decade’s worth of fashion design experience, and created her own vision.  In many ways, Bridgette is one of the pioneers of what has become the personal styling industry.  There are very few personal stylists who have the breadth of training, experience, and respect for this profession that Bridgette does.

You can read more about Bridgette in her bio.

What happens during a closet edit?

Bridgette uses this time to help establish your wardrobe baseline and figure out the starting point.  She will help you clarify your wardrobe and get rid of clothing that no longer suits you.  Bridgette will assess your clothing and accessories needs going forward along with the holes that need to be filled.  

Closet edits can be done in-person as well as virtually.

What happens when I shop with Bridgette?

When shopping in person, Bridgette will have already pulled your clothing and accessories options prior to your session which will be based on the needs discovered during your wardrobe edit.  She selects clothing based on your lifestyle, personal style, goals, and, most importantly, budget.  Basically, all you will have to do is show up, get undressed, and try things on.

When shopping virtually, Bridgette will prepare shopping selections based on your needs found during your wardrobe edit and present them in a cohesive and shoppable manner that is easy to reference.

An outfit session sounds interesting. What can I expect?

This session usually happens after a shopping trip.  Bridgette will visit your home and help you put outfits together by shopping with you in your closet.  She will also photograph your outfits for your reference.  This time will also be used to identify any specific wardrobe needs that might be missing.  Take a look at some behind-the-scenes outfit sessions with clients of Bridgette’s.

A virtual outfits session often happens in tandem with shopping when Bridgette presents a cohesive mix-and-match plan along with her shopping selections which will make it easy for you to not only pick the best selections to shop but understand how all the pieces work together.  Follow-up and further outfit building in virtual sessions can also follow.

Is it possible to get the same results working virtually with bridgette as in-person?

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world, Bridgette had a firmly established virtual styling business that  flourished even larger during the pandemic. In the times we are living in, you can not only get the same results as working in person, you can get better.

Technology not only allows Bridgette to see clients as if she were right in the room with them, but it also makes it possible to have more availability in her schedule to see clients.  Plus, working virtually, she is not limited by geography.  Bridgette has clientele all over the world.

Additionally, supply chain issues have made shopping in-stores tremendously challenging.  By shopping online, Bridgette can more efficiently shop for clients in a quicker and more focused manner and take the time to build thoroughly curate a client’s selections from a variety of brands and stores, some that don’t even have physical stores.  Doing this in person would take much more time, be a much larger investment to hire Bridgette, as well as the need for brick and mortar stores to have the same robust stock available.  In these times, this is rarely the case.

By working virtually, you don’t have to suffer in cramped dressing rooms or rummage through racks, don’t have to give up an entire day running around to different stores and come home empty-handed.  Working virtually is a quiet, intimate, personal experience between you and Bridgette that moves at your pace on your timeline.

If you are someone who prefers to physically handle clothing before buying or who doesn’t like to deal with online shipments, this may not be the best course of action, however, with the guidance of someone like Bridgette, the success rate of your purchases will be much higher than shopping alone.

Bridgette’s fees for virtual services are slightly lower than what she charges for in person services due to the fact that the physical demand for virtual services is less.

Pricing & Billing
Will this be a budget buster? Can I really afford to hire Bridgette?

With 21 years of experience as a personal stylist and ten years before that as a fashion designer, Bridgette certainly isn’t inexpensive.  However, she is committed to working with all budgets.  Nobody is turned away if they have a smaller budget to work with.

Many clients say the investment pays for itself and they actually wind up saving money as they have learned how to make better wardrobe decisions and to buy clothes they will actually wear.  Don’t get intimidated by Bridgette’s experience or the cost.  She will definitely work with you no matter what your budget size.

How does Bridgette charge for her services?

Bridgette charges in two ways: by the hour or on retainer.  Rates for virtual styling are slightly lower than her in-person fees.  For in-person appointments outside the Manhattan and Brooklyn areas, Bridgette charges a 1/2 or full-day rate.

Typically, clients booking several services and/or plan on working seasonally find the retainer rate to work best.

The hourly option is best for clients who are on budgets or only plan on hiring Bridgette for one service.  She would be happy to discuss the best option for your needs.

Does Bridgette make a store commission from any purchases I make when I shop with her?

No.  Some stylists accept a commission from a store just like a salesperson would, but Bridgette feels it is a conflict of interest.  She never wants there to be a question about who she is advocating for.  Bridgette does not accept a dime in commissions from any retailer when shopping in person.

When shopping for you virtually, Bridgette may receive an affiliate commission from a purchase made as her site is monetized through several affiliate advertising programs. This means if you make a purchase, Bridgette may make a commission from that purchase. This commission is what keeps Bridgette’s website running.  All Bridgette’s opinions are her own and never based on commission earnings.  If this practice is something you are uncomfortable with, Bridgette would be happy to discuss ensuring no affiliate commissions are earned by Bridgette through your online purchases when working with her as a client and can be removed.

What is Your Cancellation Policy on Booked Time for Services?

We prefer a 24-hour cancellation notice if you are unable to keep your session with Bridgette, but also understand that sometimes things just happen that are beyond anyone’s control.

We are willing to overlook the occasional emergency with the understanding that things do happen but will also keep track.  If missed appointments start to become a habit, no notice is given when appointments are missed, or time isn’t respected, you will be billed for one hour of time each time you miss an appointment and risk potentially being dropped as a client.

Availability for  styling
Does Bridgette work on weekends?

Yes.  Bridgette does see clients on Saturdays, not Sundays.  She also is available for appointments Tuesdays through Fridays.

Special requests can be made and will be considered.

Can I hire Bridgette for special events or for style services not listed?

Absolutely!  Bridgette frequently works with women in the public eye and has helped clients prepare for speaking events, television appearances, and more.  In addition, Bridgette has assisted clients in choosing their wedding gowns and special event looks.  If you have a style problem, Bridgette would be happy to see if she can help you solve it.

Does Bridgette do red carpet styling or work with celebrities?

Yes and no.  While she would be open to this type of work, the entertainment industry isn’t her area of focus or interest.

With a concentration and specialty in work with professional women, she does women work with women in executive leadership who have a public image.  Bridgette also frequently works with bestselling authors, public speakers, entrepreneurs, and women in government and politics.

If you aren’t an executive-level woman, Bridgette’s clients have included women aged 14 to 84 from all walks of life.

Does Bridgette work with men?

At this time, no.  Bridgette has made some special exceptions for husbands and partners of her female clients (and sometimes her husband), but in the spirit of Bridgette’s original mission when starting this business, the empowerment of women, working with men is not currently on the agenda.

Does Bridgette travel to see clients?

Bridgette loves to travel and she would be happy to discuss coming to see you.  For travel outside the Brooklyn and Manhattan areas, Bridgette does charge either a 1/2 or full-day rate.  Travel fees apply in addition to style services when travel involves overnight trips.  You can also check out Bridgette’s virtual style services as a more affordable alternative.

my religion has certain dressing requirements. Will Bridgette respect this?

Absolutely!  Bridgette has worked with clients of all different faiths where certain dress needs to be observed, including Orthodox Jewish, Exclusive Brethren, Jehovah’s Witness, Evangelical Christian, Seikh,  Muslim, and more.

Bridgette will respect your faith with openness and responsibility.

Does Bridgette work with Transgender or non-binary clients?

Bridgette is an LGBTQIA+ ally and works with women and those who identify as such.  Therefore, if you identify as female, Bridgette will happily work with you.  She doesn’t work with those who identify as male simply because she doesn’t work with male clients and this isn’t her area of expertise.  If you identify as non-binary, please reach out directly so Bridgette can be sure her breadth of knowledge can fully support your needs. 

I'm Interested in Hiring Bridgette. What do I do next?

Great!  The next step would be to schedule a complimentary Image & Style Assessment by clicking here.

Once you hit the submit button, you will be directed to a calendar to book your 30-minute phone call with Bridgette.  Please allow for about ten minutes to possibly go over the 30-minute scheduled time.

During this call, Bridgette will discuss your assessment questionnaire to get a sense of your needs and discuss which services and steps will be best to help you achieve your particular image and personal style goals.

Can Bridgette customize her message for our group(s)?

Yes. Bridgette will thoroughly research and discuss your specific needs prior to speaking with your group.  

Does Bridgette only speak to women

While Bridgette’s consulting business is for women only, she understands that most companies have identified image needs for their male employees as well.   She’d be happy to discuss speaking to your entire team or staff.

Can we request a customized speaking proposal?

Absolutely.  Bridgette would be happy to discuss a customized pitch.

Is there a preferred audience size?

Bridgette has spoken with groups as small as 10 and as large as several hundred.  She is available for all sizes.

Will there be slides available to the audience after the presentation?

Yes.  Bridgette always makes these available.

Is Bridgette available to speak on panel discussions

Bridgette has participated on panels for a variety of audiences.