Bridgette Raes has 18 years of experience in giving dynamic presentations and speaking events to both large corporations and small groups; all of which have included slideshow presentations on topics including dressing for success, corporate image, how-to’s on wardrobe management, dressing for your body shape and personal style development. The goal of all presentations is to educate and empower the audience into new ways of thinking about and approaching their wardrobe and goal-oriented image strategies specific to the needs of the audience.

Past Speaking Clients

Speaking Topics

Cubicle to Corner Office: Elevating Your Professional Image as You Elevate Your Career

A professional image should evolve as your career does and be reflective of your accomplishments and success.  This seminar will give you actionable strategies for elevating your workplace style to reflect your professional position.

Developing Your Professional Brand

Image is one of the largest forms of communication you possess.  When your image speaks powerfully it supports you in getting your message across.  This engaging seminar shows you how to develop a professional image that not only communicates your message but also communicates who you are. 

Navigating the New Workplace: Creating a powerful image in the new world we're living in

Workplace dress codes have become more relaxed and employees are conducting work virtually.  Professionals are finding these changes more confusing than liberating.  In this seminar, Bridgette will share guidance and direction on navigating these changes and how to create a powerful image for these new times.

Why Dress for Success Doesn’t Work

We have all heard the concept, “Dress for Success” but, unfortunately, this overused saying has caused more harm than good, steering many women to dress less successful and more predictable. Instead, Bridgette Raes believes that successful dressing comes from the simple belief that in order to be successful, you have to feel successful in what you wear.

Working within the parameters of appropriateness in the workplace, Bridgette Raes uses this seminar to show women how they can infuse their personality into their wardrobe, feel successful in their wardrobe, and take their style and, most importantly, their career to the next level.

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