Bridgette’s skills in intuitively understanding a woman’s style can translate to so much during this challenging time. When Bridgette helped me, I feel like I was able to get a little piece of myself back. As women, we so rarely prioritize ourselves. Maybe this is the perfect time for women to take a step back and figure out what we want/feel good in instead of what everyone else (fashion, work, local culture) suggests. We all want to be authentic and creative and you can be a true catalyst for this.

Amy Allen

Bridgeport, West Virginia

“I was promoted at work with a great new position,  received a raise, a decent bonus and as a senior person in my company told me “your star is ascending.”  The best decision I made in 2011 was to hire Bridgette Raes Style Group to take my inner confidence and expose it externally.   I look like the person I am.   I am forever thankful for all that you have done for me.  Personally, I have also enjoyed all my moments with you.  Your impact is with me every day…  I feel great looking great.  People do notice.”  

Corry B

New York, New York

Bridgette is stellar in all regards. I could not be happier with her or with the excellent services she provides.

Kristen Mathews

Eastchester, New York

Watch out Wall Street! Since working with Bridgette, I have tripled my sales and don’t plan on stopping there!

Stacy Francis

New York, New York

Hiring Bridgette Raes was one of the best business decisions I made.

Marcela Landres

Brooklyn, New York

I had been a long time fan of Bridgette’s blog before I signed up for virtual services. I was hesitant to work virtually because I’m a bit of a tech-phobe and wasn’t sure it would be worth it compared to an in-person experience. I shouldn’t have worried! Bridgette is detail-oriented, tech-savvy, and responds quickly. Her introductory email was very clear and I had a good understanding of the process right away. We accomplished so much virtually! Bridgette has an encyclopedic brain and can remember my closet after seeing just a few pictures, sees and combines colors in a way I cannot, and makes great brand recommendations. I love fashion but don’t want to spend the amount of my monthly mortgage on a new dress, and when Bridgette pointed me to Akris Punto on the Real Real it was a true game-changer! I saw value in my investment after just two hours of virtual sessions – I highly recommend Bridgette!

Kathy J

Portland, Oregon

I remember when I first found Bridgette’s blog. It instantly felt like I had a friend looking at my closet with me who was able to call me on my own nonsense and at the same time inspire me to see what was possible (for my outfits and my self-image).

When I finally booked Bridgette to help with styling, it was after several major life changes back-to-back: kids, relocating, job changes, adding a side business. I call this my “evolution of ambition” and although my heart had led me there, my self-image hadn’t caught up. Visualization has always been important to my goal setting and without a clear imagination of how I would embody these new roles, I felt stunted and a little lost, unfamiliar even to myself.

In our sessions, Bridgette was clearly able to discern the real me and add visual inspiration to represent that. I walked away from our first sessions inspired emotionally and practically equipped for lining up a realistic and beautiful wardrobe to embody that.

I am so grateful for Bridgette’s wisdom, grace, and brilliant strategic mind. Thank you for adding so much color and cohesion to my life (and my closet!)!

Tarah Keech

Mobile, Alabama

Working with Bridgette is both effective and fun.  Our time is spent on my specific requirements: nothing is formulaic.  Bridgette is remarkably perceptive.  All out work has been remote, yet she immediately understood my style and personality and has helped me bring more clarity and utility to my wardrobe.  We’ve edited out the misses and no-longer-usefuls, combined items for fresh outfits that are better than the originals as purchased, resolved those guilt-inducing ‘never worns’ (some were gems she showed me how to use; some were misses and she explained why they don’t work).  We are gradually rebalancing to a sharp but less formal wardrobe that better meets my needs.  I’ve learned so much from Bridgette – styles and combinations that meet my criteria, details of fit I had missed, color combinations that are transforming but I never thought of, how to look at an outfit objectively, and to buy for what I’ll actually need to wear.  I’m even beginning to let go of the ‘good china’ mind-set and just wear it, not save it.  OK, I’ve a way to go on some of these, but I’ve made much progress with her help.  And I’ve had fun every step of the way.  It’s worth every penny.

Ann Smith

Arlington, Virginia

I know that all you want is for the real ME to step forward and up front and be FULLY SELF EXPRESSED in every way

Dvora, Cohen

Kingston, New York

People have remarked that I “glow” and look far more confident and radiant that I ever have.

Jessica Halprin

Ridgefield, Connecticut

I owe all my success to Bridgette Raes.

Holly Helt

Tokyo, Japan

Bridgette and I began working together six years ago. I had a large closet full of clothes and yet I couldn’t put together many outfits that felt like me. I’ve worked with Bridgette remotely and in person, and I am THRILLED with the results. She helped me craft a closet of clothes that felt like me and that worked together. I know I look great in everything in my closet, because she is honest about what works for me and what doesn’t. Bridgette reminds me to buy clothes for the life I have, rather than the imaginary events I might go to someday, which means all my clothes work for my real life. (Although I have to keep explaining that Southerners wear bright colors all year round. Yes, Bridgette, I DID wear those lavender pants.) The money I have spent on Bridgette’s services has actually decreased the amount I spend on my clothes (because I only buy the things I need) and increased my pleasure in my clothes. My time with Bridgette has been an excellent investment.

Dr. Laura Helms Reece

Durham, North Carolina

Bridgette named me Ms. Delightful, but if I’m being honest, this is precisely the name I would give her. Here’s my story: I recently moved to Manhattan from the midwest and upped my hours from part-time to full time. And I turned 50. I needed someone who could help me upgrade my wardrobe and help me find my personal style.

Working with Bridgette is smart – we started with my making a Pinterest board of clothes I loved, including photos of me in some of my most-worn outfits. When we met to shop, she had pulled clothes in my size and in colors and style that I would have never found on my own. It was fun and easy – a tight wardrobe of mix-and-match outfits that made me not worry a bit if I was dressed appropriately. It might be helpful to know that as my life turned busy, Bridgette and I easily transitioned to online consulting and shopping. It’s such a great way to use services like hers. I have learned a lot from Bridgette. First, you don’t need to spend a lot to look great, but there are some items that are absolutely worth spending a little more for. Other things include – your pants need to get updated regularly (styles change a lot), the color black is not for everyone, combining mustard and burgundy can be really cool, you know more about your own style than you think you do.

Finally, and I think you can tell this from this site, Bridgette is a wonderful person and really good at her job. She respects my time and my budget and pushes me just enough! I feel lucky to work with her – my clothes match my lifestyle and I feel confident out in the world.

Amy Ross

New York, New York

Bridgette is charismatic, stylish, feisty, passionate, one of a kind – and then some!

Karen Salmansohn

Best Selling Author, New York, New York

You are the most “instructive” of all the fashion advisors I know!

Deb Durham

Los Angeles, California

I could not have continued with this transformation had it not been for Bridgette. She has a strong knowledge of fashion plus she is committed to bringing out the best in her clients.

Jeanmarie Payne

Point Pleasant, New Jersey

As a writing teacher, one of my joys is being able to coach a student through the writing process. Most of the time the raw material is in place; it’s simply a matter of editing and polishing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone do that for each of us when it comes to our wardrobe? What if there were such a thing as an editor for clothes? Guess what – there is!

“Why hire a stylist? Most of us don’t flinch at paying for someone else to cut and color our hair. These days we enjoy the pampering that comes with a regular manicure. We’ll also gladly put ourselves in the capable hands of a master chef when it comes to a 4-star meal. But paying a stylist? Isn’t that, well, a little bit extravagant? Isn’t that something only for the red-carpet Hollywood crowd?

No, and it’s about time the rest of us were in on the secret. What’s extravagant is buying clothes that we don’t wear, that don’t flatter us, and that doesn’t make us feel capable and confident. What’s wasteful is an overcrowded closet that sucks the life and energy from our mornings when we should be preparing to take on the world.

Lately, it seems that anyone with a camera phone and a website can call themselves a “fashion blogger.” What sets Bridgette apart is her extensive knowledge of fashion, style, color, image, and how to make all the above work for you. I’m thankful that after our phone calls, emails, and video session, I had a clear understanding of what colors and styles fit me best. Bridgette worked with the items I already owned and helped me see what to keep and what to toss. She has a cheerful friendly grace about her that makes her a pleasure to work with. After our sessions, I shopped with confidence and proceeded to use my newfound skills to work on my own closet.

If you care about your wardrobe, your image, and your time, I can’t recommend Bridgette highly enough!

Renee Mathis

Houston, Texas

Bridgette was a collaborator, as much as an advisor. She listened to my needs and guided me to choices that fit my budget and worked with the varied nature of my work and personal life. My wardrobe is much more functional than before, chiefly because she made selections that fit in well with what I had, but that still “upped my game.” The changes are subtle but significant ( more comfortable shoes to complete outfits, better fitting sweaters, etc). Even my husband has been saying lately ” You look really nice today”, but isn’t 100% sure what is different, because her selections fit in seamlessly with what I had, while still being an upgrade. Occasionally she will make a selection that you would have NEVER considered on your own…but isn’t that one of the reasons you are considering hiring a professional? To see new possibilities? If you are on the fence about working with her, my best advice is to jump in. It is an investment, but it is worth it. Working with her has taught me about better silhouettes for me, and new brands to investigate for comfort/versatility. I can make better choices now, and not waste money on the wrong items. It was a lovely experience and I recommend it highly.

Kristol Smith

Jackson, Mississippi

I’ve followed and enjoyed Bridgette’s blog for years and I learned so much, and I always told myself that one day I’d save up my pennies and go to New York to get her styling help. When I learned that she offered virtual services I thought surely there was no way something like that could work well or feel very personal. Several months into the pandemic, I decided to take the plunge and give it a shot – and it was one of the best decisions ever.

Bridgette is so down-to-earth, personable, and really listens. She doesn’t try to turn you into something you’re not – she really wants to help you become the best version of yourself. After some questionnaires, chats, photos, and measurements she got right down to work looking for the things my wardrobe needed. Bridgette found some things that I was drawn to right away, and some things that I loved but thought would surely not suit me. I reminded myself of why I reached out to Bridgette in the first place and tried out some of the items I would not have tried myself – and I was so pleasantly surprised! Despite never having met me in person, she really hit the nail on the head. The looks she picked were flattering, comfortable, and an elevated ME. Now I love everything hanging in my closet and can’t imagine shopping without wonderful Bridgette.

The process has been so wonderful that my husband, who has zero interest in fashion and actively resists even the thought of shopping, wanted to work with Bridgette, too. She really got his perspective and what he needed to refine his look with very little fuss or thought. When my husband tried on his looks, he immediately got why I love working with Bridgette so much and now sees that a few small tweaks can go a long way to polish his look.

Given the chance, I’d choose to work with Bridgette again in a heartbeat. My only regret is not having done it sooner!

Stef B.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Bridgette is amazing. If I had to say one thing about her it would be SHE IS GOOD AT HER JOB!!! I had been following her blog for several years– pulling inspiration and gaining some insight into the whys and hows of fashion as she styled professional women and posted suggestions. When COVID hit, my wardrobe atrophied, I lost my style and motivation. When things started to open up I regained my motivation to look put together but it was like I forgot how to dress and had absolutely no direction. “ Where did my style go?”, I thought. “Why does that cute dress on the hanger look so awful on me?” I went shopping for shirts and came home with 2 dresses and a pair of pants. All of which I hated when I got home and never wore!! I was in a real slump and I still had no tops!!
With two weddings this summer and all of the events surrounding them I was borderline panicking. I did not want to be THAT Aunt from the Midwest looking and feeling uncomfortable and awkward!

When I had my first virtual session with Bridgette I was completely struck by how personable and accepting she was! I was immediately at ease with her. Absolutely no judgment on all my fashion faux pas. She and I delved into the clothes I had in my closet and the inspirational photos I had posted. In a very short time, she had assessed my style and was offering tremendous advice and teaching me what worked on my body and what didn’t. The best thing is I got it!! She makes the formulas of fashion easy to understand and breaks things down in manageable bites so it’s easier to see. Everything in my wardrobe works together. Everything fits and is flattering. She is a real professional. I look great and have direction again and most importantly feel good about myself. My best compliments have come from my daughters–”Mom, you look so good, lately! I saw you walking up and I thought “Now there is a polished woman!” Music to my ears!! I can’t thank Bridgette enough!!
Thank you, Bridgette, for getting me back on my feet again and helping me to help myself!!

Pam S.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Another woman referred Bridgette to me just as I was experiencing the peak of lots of clothes and nothing to wear. Our initial call immediately put me at ease and felt kind of like therapy for both me and my wardrobe.

The closet cleanout was incredible – Bridgette was firm but kind as she guided me to let go of many of the items I’ve been wearing for 10+ years. It felt emotional but instantly my closet is more manageable and I’ve stopped changing 6 times (or even once) before leaving the house. Also, suddenly I felt like I could shop! And shop I did thanks to Bridgette’s fast and on-point recommendations. I can’t wait to shop with her again in the spring!

Ruti Wajnberg

Brooklyn, New York