It’s unbelievable to me that the holidays are here again and that this Friday another holiday shopping season will be kicked off with Black Friday. Although, it’s been a few years since we’ve had some modicum of normalcy that looked like the holiday seasons that we know. Last year we came so close, but then Omnicron came along and shut things down at the last minute. Knock on wood, things are looking good for a normal holiday season, well as normal as normal can be during a time of year when things are generally stressful even without a world-stopping plague.

As for me, I had to remind myself the holiday shopping season is upon us because, as likely with you, it all just snuck up on me, and as I was starting to peruse gift ideas, I thought about how I wanted to focus them. Sure, I could just select a bunch of random gifts, but then I considered my clients and how differently they’re all working as a result of having lived through the pandemic. Despite our belief that we live in post-pandemic times, the number of individuals who telecommute remains at an all-time high (take that, Elon Musk). Clearly, not as high as when we were at the height of the pandemic, but according to these statistics, 66% of employees work remotely, at least part-time, compared to pre-pandemic when it was only 6%. Predictions in this study I read indicate that by 2025, 36.2 million Americans will work remotely.


Considering the lives of my clients, these trends feel accurate as it’s typical for my clients that are still working to fall into three categories: the group of clients who work remotely, the large majority of hybrid clients who split their time between work and home, a small percentage who are back in-office exclusively, and then surprising large group of road warrior clients who have a work wardrobe exclusively for travel. Considering this, I focused my gift guide into three categories, gifts for women who telecommute, actually commute, and those who hit the road. Certainly, many gifts can work across the board and can also make great gifts for women who don’t fall into any of these categories, but as the world has changed in such meaningful ways over the past few years, putting focus behind these gift ideas made it more purposeful and fun for me to work on. Peruse the gifts even if you don’t match the category description. You’ll likely find something perfect for someone in your life and maybe even for yourself.


By this point in the narrative of telecommuting, if you’re working from home, it’s time to consider that this is your life, not just a makeshift corner at your dining room table. Even if your schedule is hybrid and you still head into the workplace, your wardrobe needs may have changed, you may have carved out a corner or even created an office space in your home, and you probably have found yourself with different needs as a remote worker. Here are some fashion, lifestyle, and workspace gifts for you or someone you know whose life has gone from pumps and blazers to joggers and sweatshirts.


The average person seems to be doing a hybrid style of work these days but there are plenty of people getting up every day and heading to work. For some of these folks, this was always the case, but for others, after a long stretch of telecommuting, the shift back to actual commuting had to have been jarring. For these recipients, or for yourself, who need items to get out the door faster, want to make the commute more bearable, the workspace more pleasant, and get dressed easier, here are some gift ideas.


Typically, road warriors work from the road and when they’re not out and about they’re usually back working comfortably at home as telecommuters. Road warriors need easy solutions for a mobile lifestyle that is packable, suitcase friendly, and offer them the comforts of home and office while away from both. Here are some gifts for the road warrior that pack well, provide smart solutions, and will also contain those essentials on which women of the road rely.

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be just as stressful as the shopping itself, so I hope these gift ideas check a few things off your list this holiday season.