There isn’t a lot that has come out of the Covid-19 pandemic that has been funny. However, what has made me chuckle has been the term mullet outfits; a term coined to describe wearing professional clothing for a video work meeting on top, so you look appropriately dressed, while wearing something casual or hardly dressing on the bottom. Inspired by the mullet haircut, that is short on top and long in the back, known to all as a business in the front and party in the back hairstyle.


I did my own version of a mullet outfit when I agreed to a video interview for High Wire Woman, a consulting company for working women started by my friend and client Rosanna Berardi. When Rosanna reached out and asked me to do a video interview, I cringed. My hair hadn’t been cut in months and the roots were already over an inch long. Up until this interview, I had done a good job of staying off camera. Had all this not been going on, I would have jumped at the opportunity to support Rosanna’s new venture with an interview. But this time, I scheduled it with a sense of dread while feeling somewhat comforted by the fact that we’re all not at our best… as well as being grateful for the invention of root touch-up spray.

Here is the interview I did Rosanna for High Wire Women about pandemic fashion and while I look like I have it all together, in addition to the copious amount of root cover-up, from the waist down, the belt of my dress isn’t tied and I am barefoot.

Mullet Outfits: Business on Top, Casual on the Bottom Work-from-Home Looks

The original intention of this post on mullet outfits was to make it totally funny and ridiculous with hysterical business top, casual bottom looks that we could get a kick out of. But then I realized nobody needs to see that, that’s exactly what we have been doing all along. Instead, I put mullet outfits together that, yes, are a bit absurd, but at least have some style to them. While we all will be returning to the workplace at some point, chances are it will be a while before we aren’t doing at least some work from home. Take a look at these outfits.

Outfit #1

mullet outfits

With these grey joggers, I styled this deep coral blazer from Ann Taylor with a cami from Everlane and finished the look with a warm-tone single strand from Chico’s and a pair of blush pink slip-on sneakers from Ugg.

Outfit #2

mullet outfits

I love Uniqlo’s lounge pants. They’re what I always buy for home wear and I love that if I need to do a quick run down the block to the store it doesn’t look like I am wearing pajamas. I styled this floral pair with a short sleeve sweater in navy from Cos and finished the look with a pair of Jack Rogers sandals in yellow and a statement necklace from Talbots.

Outfit #3

Back when the pandemic began, I was wearing a coat. Now I have the air conditioner on some days. It’s incredible to think all of the spring has passed us by in lockdown. If you are moving to your casual summer clothes, I styled this pair of cut off denim shorts with a purple Eileen Fisher top that is way fancier than the shorts. I styled with a printed scarf from Rebecca Minkoff and I finished the look with a pair of New Balance sneakers and delicate silver earrings.

Outfit #4

Pajama bottoms worn beyond the threshold irks me. I once saw a woman checking in to a hotel wearing them and it bugged the heck out of me. Have we really reached this level of sloth, people? For the indoors, pajamas away, even if it is at 3 pm in the afternoon.

However, pajamas worn long term or all day doesn’t work for everyone. For many, it can feel a little too casual or make a person feel lazy. Even though they are essentially the same in appearance, I styled these casual pants with a bit of polish using a tie-waist button-down from Madewell. You may be all casual on the bottom but rare is it that a button-down shirt doesn’t look like you have it together. I finished the look with blush earrings from Kendra Scott and a pair of comfortable flats from Lucky Brand.

Outfit #5

Here’s what everyone on a video call will see: a woman wearing a t-shirt and a cardigan with a simple necklace. However, what will really be going on behind the camera is a woman wearing pajamas with a cardigan thrown over it. I styled this pajama shorts set from Uniqlo with a deep green ribbed cardigan from Mango. I finished the look with a pair of eucalyptus colored slides from Splendid and a delicate moonstone pendant.

I hope you found these mullet outfit ideas inspirational and if not inspirational, at least fun.

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