Don’t you just hate it when one person ruins something for everyone else? There is always that person when it comes to work dress codes, like wearing jeans, and becomes responsible for nobody being able to wear them anymore. I hate those people. Now I don’t necessarily blame this dress code ruiner entirely. Companies are horrible at setting dress code rules. Often they are vague and unhelpful. Between the person who doesn’t know how to follow the rules and companies that suck at setting them, is it any surprise that casual dress code privileges are quickly dashed? I’m sorry workplaces, but saying that jeans are acceptable just isn’t enough.


So you don’t want to be the person who ruins it for everyone, it’s time to take your own inventory when it comes to wearing jeans to work. Additionally, think in terms of leveling up, not just doing the bare minimum. Your image is a great way to maximize your own potential. Even if your jeans looks are passable, take a look at the outfits below to learn how you can make them exceptional.

Outfit #1

jeans at work

Unless you work in a super creative environment that allows for relaxed or distressed jeans, the styles you choose should be crisp, dark in color, and lacking any rips or holes and the wash of the jeans should not be overly faded. I styled this dark pair from Veronica Beard with a burgundy double-breasted blazer from M.M. Lafleur with a soft blue sweater from BOSS Hugo Boss. The striking color combination adds a level of creativity to the look while still being pretty basic. One of the easiest ways to elevate jeans is to pair them with blazers. I finished the look with cognac suede pumps.

Outfit #2

jeans at work

Black jeans are a great workaround when wanting to look professional in jeans. Just make sure they aren’t overly worn or faded. If you like wearing black jeans casually, consider having a black pair for fun and a black pair for work. Also, wash your black jeans inside out to keep them from fading faster, and consider detergents specifically for darker colors. I styled a simple column with these black Everlane jeans using a black t-shirt from Theory and layered a summer tweedy jacket from The Fold over the tee. I pulled the pink shade from the jacket and added these bright pink flats and completed the look with black drop earrings.

Outfit #3

Blazers aren’t always required. When wearing just a top with a pair of jeans at work, level up the look using a professional blouse. Silk blouses button-up shirts are very popular right now and a great option for work looks with jeans. I styled this demi-cut boot from Madewell with a silk blouse from Everlane and finished the look with the same pair of cognac heels, a cognac belt from Madewell, and chunky gold hoops.

Outfit #4

Denim doesn’t have to be in classic jeans. This outfit eases up your work look while still looking professional. I styled these 7 for All Mankind high-waist culottes with a sleeveless shirt from BOSS by Hugo Boss and a navy cropped cardigan by L’Agence. I finished the look with low heeled slingbacks in red by Naturalizer and Jenny Bird drop earrings.

Outfit #5

In outfit four, I gave the tip of choosing denim in a different shape, and in this look, I am suggesting a denim cut in a different fabric. I styled these Lafayette 148 jeans in nylon elastic that have a polished denim look. I styled the pants with a sweater blazer from J. Crew and a simple v-neck tank from Halogen. I finished the look with leopard print Rothys, the same cognac belt from look three, and a twist lariat necklace in gold.

Don’t Be That Person

If you have been given the privilege of wearing jeans to work don’t abuse it. If the dressing guidelines aren’t clear, speak up. However common sense always applies in situations like this. If you are looking to level up at work, level up your jeans looks to match the role you are shooting for.