This may be a super-specific holiday gift post, but given how so much of work interactions have moved to video conferencing, focus on the top third of the body has been of primary focus. Many of us now wear mullet outfits, and have learned new ways of styling ourselves for the camera. We have learned that lipstick that is too dark can make lips look thin and small and eye makeup that is too dark or smoky can make the eyes appear smaller than they are. We know all too well that keeping our laptop cameras too close to the face creates the incredibly unattractive “wide-angle face” and have learned how to soften our image with the lifesaver setting on Zoom. Prior to COVID, we didn’t need to know these things.

In terms of necklace trends, prior to the lockdown, I noticed that necklace trends seemed to be heading in a more minimalist direction. We were choosing delicate styles over the heavy statement or bib pieces that were once so popular…and then COVID hit and we started thinking about the impact bolder necklaces could have. By now, you have likely had your same statement necklaces on rotation long enough that you have gotten sick of them. So in this gift idea post, I am sharing a bunch of new styles you can buy to freshen up your wardrobe for you Zoom meetings, and beyond. I have already shared a few standout jewelry companies in my Small Businesses to Support This Holiday post, but if you are looking for more, check out the styles below.

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Happy shopping!