After a year of the world going into lockdown, it’s hard to imagine actually going somewhere to work.  Spring always evokes feelings of rebirth and new beginnings but this year it feels particularly poignant.  After a long dark winter, we may soon feel a tiny shred of what life was like prior to COVID.  Even considering that makes me a bit emotional.  

It’s been a year and so much has changed.   I believe we’ll be so enthralled by the idea of wearing actual clothes again that we might actually look forward to getting dressed.   I don’t know about you but when I went for a simple cut and color last week, I thought about my outfit as if I were going to a fancy dinner.  For years, the prediction was that we’d continue to see the way we dress to get more and more casual but after a year of COVID, I’m not so sure.  

For your return to your workplace, I have put together a tight mix-and-match capsule of wardrobe pieces to give you a little inspiration.  With just a few pieces, I have created 25 different looks.  Take a look.


Back to Work Wardrobe Capsule

work wardrobe capsule

 Capsules are always built by starting with one piece.  In this capsule, I started with the Jacquard dress from M.M. Lafleur which informed me that this capsule would be based in navy.  This dress was also a smart choice because when you deal with two color prints in a neutral color that have ivory or white as its complement, it’s easy to introduce another color.  In this capsule, the shade was burgundy.  Building a capsule is like peeling an orange.  It’s hard to get started but once you’ve gotten that first part down, it comes together rather easily from there.  

25 Outfits from One Wardrobe Capsule

Here are all 25 outfits created from this work wardrobe capsule.  Links to all pieces can be found in the caption below the capsule above.

How do you build your wardrobe capsules?

Do you build your own wardrobe capsules?  What have you done to make them successful?  I’d love to hear about it.  Leave me a comment.